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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preparing for AE 2008 in UBC

Here might be some highlight items that we will present to you:

SD Gundam Capsule, a set or selected items
Bandai Power Rangers model-kit !!
Gundam model kit (Gundam00, HGUC Sazabi, SD gundam, SD Dynasty Worriors)
Code Geass (model, figures, and capsules)
Bandai One Piece Thousand Sunny boat Candy Toy
Bandai Mugenbine Big Sword Knight (5 combined)
Bandai GundamOO GFlex 3 !! (selected one by one is possible)
Bandai Pokemon Castle Candy Toys
Bandai Keroro Candy Toys !
Anime Gashapon
Gaming Figures
Anime Figure Trading Figure (such as Naruto, Bleach,....)
Aah My Godness
May bring some Pinky

'Admiralty Centre' is hard to find as some of the first customers had hard time to locate, since the centre is not located on the centre of the road as Google map. If you are from Alderbridge, then u turn right at Garden City and turn left at the first traffic light on Odlin Rd. And then follow the road, Odlin Crescent and turn right at McKim Way. The first building on your right is the Admiralty Centre Entry and our store is beside the centre counter. Before you hit on Mckim Way, there is a entry for parking at your right hand side.

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