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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Character Box&Char-toys玩具店Boxing Week Transformers減價; Character Box Toy store Boxing Week Transformers Sale on Sat & Sun

Transformers Boxing sale on Saturaday and Sunday. Range various and Price various, feel free to check us out in our Richmond local store. We will wait for you til 6:30pm ~

變形金剛 on sale on Saturaday, & Sunday. Dec29 and Dec 30
鋼彈.食玩.盒玩.動漫人型.模型.Hello Kitty, Naruto, Encore Transformers, Bleach, and more 玩具等...
常來我們Character Box & Char-toys 店裡的都知道我們的價錢合理,不輸給別家店,
,請各位同號請把握機會地址是在Admiralty Centre進去一樓在櫃台旁Address: 1183-8700 McKim Way. Richmond, B.C. Canada.V6X 4A5.Google map:
提供 變形金剛. 剛弹. 玩具. 模型. 轉蛋. 盒玩. 食玩. 人型. 日本動漫商品訂貨.送貨.也有訂做服務方便您的需要解決您下雨天出門,排隊等候,花費汽油,和時間不便的困擾~~我們支持 "培養一個正當興趣", 所以應該更容易! ^^
請e-mail: 如果您有任何疑問和產品訂購標題請寫"Toy Request"--------------------------------------
One day Boxing sale only, please act fast~
Char-toys is online toy vendor for people's convenience in Vancouver lower mainland. Transformers, Gundam, Model kits, Zoids, Power ranger, Macross, Anime Robo, Keroro, Naruto, Hellow Kitty, Anime figures, gashapon, Candy toys and Capsule~ and more, all in the Preorder, Find, Build & Ship the toys 4 you!!And we were on AE2007 & Vcon32~We are the extention store's blog from "Character Box" located in the Admiralty Centre beside the counter in 1183-8700 McKim Way. Richmond, B.C. Canada.V6X 4A5.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New gashapon & toys

BandaiHaruhigashapon, GundamOOfiguregashapon, MGDestinyExtremeBlastMode

MG Destiny, H.G.C.O.R.E. GundamMobileSuitEX

JapaneseSuperHero, TakaraTomyShip, WeaponCollection

Ah ! My Goddess; Ah ! Megami Sama

the Last Keroro MK2

MP6 Transformers Encode Transformers Classic reissue:Megatron

Encode Soundwave &Starscream

EVANGELION Movie Collection Rei Plugsuit ANIME FIGURE

コードギアス-反逆のルルーシュ- EX-PORTRAITS

Any Inquiry& order please e-mail

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Upcoming September

PowerRanger Candy toys, transformable & BB Ranger #303 ---$9

SD Stargazer, fun! --- $9 MG 100 Turn A gundam---$62 Kururu mk2 KeroroGunsou 16---14

Monday, August 20, 2007

We do not finish AE 2007 yet~!

Customer Request:


Hi, AE fans:
Thank you for making us feel welcome in the AE vendor first year and thank you for your patient and enthusiasm.

We are trying very hard to keep up to date for this blog and hope you can have the fun and get what you want in the right time, right space, and right fashion in this AE event. But Char-toys is not done yet!
We will try to take ur e-mail inquire during these days, as we are doing the bookkeeping and tracking down the stuffs that you are looking for.

Ane yeah, we will try to upload some more required item picture in these days to make sure that you do not wait too long to get your toys.

At last but not least, you know you will get Discount Price as we mentioned to you at AE ^^

At Vcon32 at RaddisonHotel,Richmond

At Vcon32 at RaddisonHotel,Richmond
or u can still e-mail us at

Preorder TransformersMusicLabel Soundwave mp3 player

Preorder TransformersMusicLabel Soundwave mp3 player
Order now to save ur copy!