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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Completed model service 4 you

In order to make all the toys' buyers & Gundam modelling fans happy, we committed ourselves to be the
"The Most Convenient Way to shop"
We understand that ur time is money, and you may not want to take 1 hour bus, half hour skytrain and still have to walk a long way to the store, and definitely not a heavy traffic weekdays or crowded mall weekend. Hence, we decide to start our service to benefit our customers and fans.

"The Cheapest shipping fee you can get from ordering online"
Worried about huge shipping fee ? we are pride ourselves to have the lowest and the reasonable shipping fee by comparing to the postal office here and other toys' shops. How? It's simply. We ship to you ourselves ! And by this way, we can even ship to you within 2 or 3 days without paying "Express shipping" !!
However, we are sorry that we can only provide this shipping service for the local lower Mainland area in B.C., Canada.
"The completed model service 4 you"
We hope to help you the best that we can. We pre-order, find, ship and even make the toys 4 you!!
We do like to hear from you and interact with our customers, so we plan on model contests, fans forum and fan's work posted on !!

"24 hrs model shop 4 u"
Yes, it is online store service!

"Easy 4 u to pre-order or reserve the items that u want"
Ever want something new, or hard to find items that u are eagerly to have? We try to count the numbers of ur replies for orders, so we can restock the products to satisfy your needs ! Please provide your address, your contacts and e-mail so it is easy for us to reply to you once the products are arrived. Serious buyer Only ^^

"Contest and Fan's work"
The link Will be provided shortly, so Stay tune!!

"All PST and GST Tax are already calculated"
We are followed our mother store, "Character Box", which calculated the taxes for you. Therefore, you do not need a calculator and try to figure out the final cost per items.

IN the mean time, don't forget to log in our main online store for easily accessing those toys' categories that u are looking for!!

Everything in this site is based on Canadian dollars only and the store policy of refund and exchanged is applied. Service and Shipping charge are not refund or exchangeable. Shipping fees and rules will be stated in these few days.

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At Vcon32 at RaddisonHotel,Richmond
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